CBSE Term Wise 9 To 12 Syllabus | 2021

Term-1 And Term-2 CBSE Curriculum

CBSE Term wise syllabus for 2021-22. This article is having latest Term-1 and Term-2 curriculum for classes IX, X, XI and XII. You will get every subject links of Term wise curriculum.

This curriculum is designed by CBSE for the year 2021-22. In which there will be two terms. These two terms will be held in two phases.

First Term will held in the month of November- December with 50% mixed syllabus and Second Term will be held in the month of March with remaining 50% syllabus.

First Term will be held purely on MCQ basis and second Term will have both MCQ and subjective type questions.

Cbse term wise syllabus

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Term wise Senior Secondary Curriculam (Class XI – XII)

Physics Term-1 and Term-2

Chemistry Term-1 and Term-2

Mathematics Term-1 and Term-2

Biology Term-1 and Term-2

Computer Science Term-1 and Term-2

Physical Education Term-1 and Term-2

Accountancy Term-1 and Term-2

Business Studies Term-1 and Term-2

Economics Term-1 and Term-2

Entrepreneurship Term-1 and Term-2

History Term-1 and Term-2

Political Science Term-1 and Term-2

Psychology Term-1 and Term-2

Sociology Term-1 and Term-2

Fine Arts Term-1 and Term-2

Geography Term-1 and Term-2

Biotechnology Term-1 and Term-2

English Core Term-1 and Term-2

English Elective Term-1 and Term-2

Hindi Core Term-1 and Term-2

Hindi Elective Term-1 and Term-2

Sanskrit Core Term-1 and Term-2

Sanskrit Elective Term-1 and Term-2

French Term-1 and Term-2

German Term-1 and Term-2

Spanish Term-1 and Term-2

Term wise Secondary Curriculam (Class IX – X)

Mathematics Term-I and Term-II

Science Term-I and Term-II

Social Science Term-I and Term-II

Hindi Term-I and Term-II

English Term-I and Term-II

French Term-I and Term-II

Marks Distribution For Half Yearly

Class 9 & 10
SubjectPT1ASLNotebookHalf YearlyNo. of MCQ
Science3040For Gr 9
Phy – 13 , Chem- 9 ,
Bio – 18
For Gr 10
Phy – 14 ,
Chem- 16 ,
Bio – 10
Social Science304040
Class XI A / B / DClass XII A / B / D
SubjectUnit Test 1ASLHalf YearlyNo. of MCQSubjectUnit Test 1ASLHalf YearlyNo. of MCQ
Physical Education203535Physical Education203535
Computer Science203535Computer Science203535

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is term wise exam?

Answer: CBSE has decided to take exam in two terms, one is Term-1 half yearly exam with 50% syllabus in the month of November and another one is Term-2 final exam with remaining 50% syllabus in the month of March for all 9th to 12 classes.

What types of questions will be there?

Answer: Half yearly will be purely MCQ based and final will be mixture of mcq and subjective type questions.

Final Words

From the above article you have learnt about CBSE Term Wise Syllabus. We hope this article will definitely help you in your exam preparation.

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