Top 25 Career in Physical Education

Career in Physical Education 

Below are some of the very important options to make a career in Physical Education which you should not miss. These Career in Physical Education lists have been prepared by experts.

Also there are information about very renowned institutions from where you can pursue courses to make your career in physical education bright.

We have put together many career and college options here so that you can choose your career in physical education wisely. 

In the present era awareness of healthy lifestyle and wellness is growing, playing sports in schools and colleges is no longer a hobby, but it has started giving a lot of value to the lives of the general people. 

For playing any sports or doing any heavy activities, a specific set of psychomotor skills are required. With changing lifestyles, new diseases, depression, mental stress etc. are at its peak, the requirements for domain related experts has also increased. This is where Physical Education experts come into the picture. Based on their specialization, these professionals can train in various activities like Athletics, Basketball,  Football, Swimming, Yoga, etc. So, this stream is of utmost importance as you assist people and guide them to a good health

Physical education professionals are well versed in the science of psychomotor skills used by humans. 

Regular physical activities are very essential for the development of a child’s scientific insight and intelligence. Students should pursue physical education as it has a lot to offer. It provides children and young people purposeful, worthwhile, enjoyable and enriching learning experience

Physical education is useful for any kind of occupation which deals with education, development and needs of people. It also rewards you with a very essential set of skills like presentation, interpersonal, management and leadership.

One has to be very dedicated while pursuing the field of physical education. It is the field where you have numerous or a wide range of work opportunities. You can learn about sports Psychology, Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Biomechanics, coaching, organizing and administration.

There are many options for making a career in physical education. After grade XII, you can go for various degree, diploma and certificate courses. e.g. diploma or bachelor’s degree in physical education. 

After bachelor’s degree you can opt for master’s. Thereafter, you can go for further special training and become a certified coach, sports physiotherapist, personal trainer, sports administrator, expert advisor etc. Also, there is a special course on sports management.

Skills Required to Build a Career in Physical Education

To build a successful career in Physical Education, you must have certain skills which are needed the most:

  • Effective and efficient athletic and teaching abilities
  • Excellent leadership qualities to lead the people 
  • Good interpersonal skills to bring out one’s true self in either the game or activity.
  • Must be disciplined
  • Should be Patient, perseverant, and Flexible
  • Must be adequately skilled in their chosen domain
  • You should be able to boost morale and instill the skill of cooperation into others


The candidates must check the eligibility requirements of the physical education courses. There are certain basic requirements to get admission in various courses. Below are the eligibility criteria for physical education courses-

  • Bachelor of Physical Education (BPE or BPEd): Candidates must complete 10+2 for admission to the diploma, certificate or UG courses. Students also can complete their Bachelor’s degree in any stream and then go for B.P.Ed
  • Master of physical education (MPE). For post graduation programs, the candidates must have a bachelor’s degree, or diploma 
  • MPhil. For MPhil candidate must have master’s in Physical Education. 
  • PhD. Candidates must have master’s in physical education. You can do a PhD with or without an MPhil. 

The final step in making a successful career in this field is to gain relevant work experience. With the introduction of new co-curricular activities in every school, college and university curriculum, the demand for physical education experts, personal trainers and teachers has increased. 

Moreover, with Salsa, Zumba, Yoga, Aerobics, Swimming, trekking, etc emerging as new modes of exercise, the scope of physical and health education has been observed as very successful and thriving. Let’s take a look at some of the work profiles and employment areas for physical education graduates that one can consider: 

Career Paths

Physical education graduates are currently teaching and coaching in various public and private elementary, middle, high schools, colleges and universities. Successful completion of other programs along with BPEd prepare graduates to work in sport management, retail sales, fitness facilities, athletic programs, municipal recreation, camp settings, boys and girls clubs, and community programs.

Below are several career options, but it is not exhaustive. (Please note that some positions need additional education).

1. Adaptive Physical Education Specialist: 

career in physical education

Adapted physical education specialists may work at schools or sometimes be contracted by clients or organizations who work with children with special needs.

Adapted physical education specialists are helping children with disabilities to live their best lives by using their knowledge of the human body and brain. These specialists can help them to develop strength, skills, health, and a strong sense of accomplishment and self-esteem.

Salary : 3-5 lakh or $60000 annually. max.

2. Adventure/Outdoor Educator:

career in physical education

Adventure education is the promotion of learning through adventure-centered activities, which include various activities like outdoor sports, excursions, explorations, events, and even indoor activities.

You can become an instructor by joining the relevant institutions that organize adventure activities. Apart from physical education course, the only thing required for this work is you need to have a specific certificate, which you can get in India from institutes like – Himalayan Adventure Institute (Uttarakhand) or Nanda Devi institute for Adventure sports and outdoor education (Uttarakhand)

Salary: 30000 – 50000 monthly in India, $20000 – 50000 abroad.

3. Aerobics Instructor:

career in physical education

Aerobics Instructors is a choreographed exercise instructor who helps people of all ages and sizes to exercise and get healthier. They develop exercise plans for clients,

You can work hourly at the fitness center where you can teach and organize the class schedule independently.

Salary: 20000 – 30000 per month in India

4. Athletic Coach:

career in physical education

Athletic coaches generally instruct and work with athletes to prepare them for competition.  To become a specialist you have to go for a Diploma in Athletics at NSNIS Patiala, Punjab, India.

Salary: 35000 – 75000 per month

5. Camp Director:

Camp Director duties are designing camp activities, overseeing the planning and day-to-day administration of recreation programs, overseeing camp employees and campers, and overseeing budgeting and expenses. As a camp director, you need to build many wonderful memories for children by putting their needs ahead of yours.

Salary: 40000- 60000 per month 

6. College Lecturer/Professor:

Professors are responsible for preparing course materials and teaching classes to graduate and undergraduate students at college. To become a lecturer you must qualify National Eligibility Test (NET) Organized by UGC

Salary: 50000 – 100000 per month

7. Community Sports Director:

Sports Director is an administrative position.  A sporting director is an executive management position in a body concerned with the sport. You can become a sports director in private companies, schools, colleges, semi-government companies, railways, airways, etc.

Salary: 50000 – 75000 per month

8. Corporate Wellness Specialist:

Employers and corporations are focusing on employee health and wellness in order to get their employees to engage in healthy behavior as a way to reduce healthcare and health insurance costs and expenses. Corporate sectors need special wellness specialists. 

Salary: 40000 – 60000 per month

9. Dance Instructor:

Dance instructors teach a variety of dance styles and techniques to students who take part in dance classes from beginner to advanced level. You can also become a dance instructor like Zumba, Salsa, etc.

Salary: 500 – 800 per hour

10. Exercise Physiologist:

As an exercise physiologist, you need to investigate how people are responding and adapting to muscular activity using your skills and knowledge to improve their performance and fitness levels or to help prevent or treat illness. You will provide scientific support to athletes and teams within one or several sports. To become a certified exercise Physiologist you need to go for a certificate course.

Salary: 40000 – 80000 per month

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11. Fitness Instructor:

career in physical education

Fitness instructors are also known as personal trainers. As a Fitness Instructor, you will provide fitness guidance to help your clients to improve their physical condition.

You need to create fitness and wellness plans for individuals and groups, by assigning exercise routines based on clients’ physical needs and monitoring their progress.

Salary: 25000 – 40000 per month

12. Nutritionist:

career in physical education

Nutritionists advise people on what to eat in order to lead a healthy lifestyle or achieve a specific health-related goal. After the physical education course if you would like to become a Nutritionist you need to go for a certificate course.

Salary – 50000 – 65000 per month

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13. Occupational Therapist:

career in physical education

Occupational Therapist helps people of all ages, who have physical, sensory, or cognitive problems, to regain independence in all areas of their lives. For doing this they use everyday activities, exercises, and other therapies.

Salary- 35000 – 45000

14. Physical Education Teacher

Physical education teachers educate children and adolescents to lead a healthy lifestyle, from physical activity to nutrition. Every school requires a physical education teacher, who should have a BPEd or MPEd (Masters) degree. 

You can become PET at elementary or primary level schools, secondary schools, and senior secondary schools in government (central and state) or private schools, related to any board viz. CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE, State etc.

Salary: 25000 – 100000 per month

15. Physical Therapist:

career in physical education

A physical therapist evaluates and treats human body disorders. They help you manage illnesses or injuries to your:

Musculoskeletal system (bones and muscles)

Neurological systems (brain)

Cardiopulmonary system (heart and lungs)

Integumentary system (skin)

They help people of all ages and at different life stages. Skills like effective communication and problem-solving are needed for success in this field. They are especially required in hospitals, clinics, schools, etc.

Salary: 35000 – 65000 per month

16. Recreation Therapist:

Recreational therapists use creative healing methods to help people with illnesses or disabilities become active again. They use arts and crafts, sports, games, dance and movement, drama, music, and community outings to help patients maintain or improve their physical or mental health. They work with doctors, psychologists, social workers, physical therapists, and occupational therapists to take care of patients of all ages, from infants to the elderly.

Salary: 35000 – 45000 per month

17. Referee/Umpire:

career in physical education

The Referee/Umpire is a professional responsible for the smooth conduct of the game following all the applicable rules and regulations of the sport. He has to make instantaneous decisions, resolve conflicts and deal with stress and pressure.

For this, you need to pass one exam to become an official referee. After passing this exam you can start officiating in some lower-level games. With more experience and performance, referees can get steady progress and reach up to the national and international level.  

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Salary: 1000 – 5000 per match

18. Rehabilitation Specialist:

A Rehabilitation specialist helps people with physical and mental disabilities to reintegrate into society and live independently. They help the clients to find the type of work suitable for their disability. You may require a state license before you can be considered.

Salary: 35000 – 50000 per month

19. Sports Broadcaster:

career in physical education

In sports, broadcasting is also called sports commentator, which may also be known as sports announcer, sportscaster, or play-by-play announcer, gives a real-time commentary of a game or event, usually during a live broadcast. After BPEd if you would like to become a Broadcaster you need to take a separate certificate in Sports broadcasting, journalism, sports entertainment, and public speaking. 

Salary: 50000 – 100000

20. Sports Journalist

career in physical education

Sports journalist deals with the coverage of sports events and sports personalities across the globe. It is a form of writing that reports on matters pertaining to sporting topics.

Salary: 50000 – 125000 per month

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21. Sports Medicine Physician:

A sports medicine physician has specialized training in both the treatment and prevention of illness and injury. They provide comprehensive medical care for athletes, sports teams, or active individuals who are simply looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

To become this specialist one needs to obtain one to two years of additional fellowship training in Sports Medicine.

Salary: 65000 – 100000 per month

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22. Sports Psychologist:

They work with athletes on motivation, stress management, visualization, effective teamwork, and other psychological factors in athletic performance.

To become a licensed clinical sports psychologist, one must practice two years under a licensed psychologist and pass a qualifying exam.

Salary : 35000 – 50000 per month

23. Sports Statistician:

Sports statisticians generally collect and analyze information based on sports performances. They analyze data pertaining to sporting events, usually for major sports such as football or basketball. Sometimes called a scorer.

Salary: 35000 – 50000 per month

24. Yoga instructor:

career in physical education

You can also become a yoga instructor by taking a specialization in Yoga or by doing a certificate course in Yoga. Yoga instructors are needed in all educational institutions, gyms, health care centers, companies, etc.

Salary: 25000 – 35000 per month.

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25. Gym Instructor Tou can also become a gym instructor in any high-end gym in five-star hotels or clubs. For that, you need to get Certified.

Salary: 30000 – 50000

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Bachelor’s and Master’s Course in India

The first step in building a career in this field is to enroll in an undergraduate course, which is generally running for a period of 3-4 years. These programs are available as Bachelor of physical education(BPE, BPEd), Bachelor of Science [BSc] in Sports Science. Below are the Physical Education courses and the universities offering them.

1. Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education, Gwalior (MP) and LNIPE, Guwahati, Assam

career in physical education

BPEd -Duration: 4 year (8 semesters)

MPEd- 2 years (4 semesters)

Last date of application: 31st July

Hostel: Yes (both boys and girls)

Fees: Indians- ₹16320 

         Foreign students- ₹43560


2. LNCPE, Trivandrum,  Kerala 

Bachelor of Physical Education BPEd

Duration- 2 years

MPE – 2 years

Link –

3. YMCA college of Physical Education, Chennai 

BPEd – 2 years

MPEd – 2 years


4. Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi 

BPEd – 1 year

Fees – 3000

5. Amity University Physical Education and sports science, Noida  

BPE – 2 years

Fees – 40000 -60000 per semester 


6. Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Science,  New Delhi

BPEd- 2 years

MPEd – 2 years

BSc in Physical Education- 3 years


Bachelor’s Course in Abroad 

  1. Buckinghamshire New University , United Kingdom – BA Hons in Sports and PE/BA Hons in Sports and PE with Foundation Year.

2. Durham University- UK – BA Hons in Sports, Exercise and Physical Activity

3. Staffordshire University- United Kingdom- B.Sc Hons in PE and Sport Coaching

4. Mount Royal University- Canada- Bachelor of Health and PE- Athletic Therapy Bachelor of Health and PE- Physical Literacy

5. Virginia Commonwealth University, USA- B.Sc in Education-Health and PE

6. University College Cork- Ireland- B.Ed Hons in Sports Studies and PE

7. University of Alberta- Canada- BA in Physical Education

Master ’s Course in Abroad 

  1. University of Malaya- Malaysia- Master of Physical and Health Education

2. Central Connecticut State University- USA- MS Physical Education – Exercise Science

3. Edith Cowan University- Australia- Master of Teaching [Primary/Secondary]

4. Staffordshire University- United Kingdom-Secondary Physical Education- PGCE

Diploma Courses

Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Management (PGDSM)- 2 semesters LNIPE, Gwalior

Diploma in sports event management,  LNIPE, Gwalior. 2 semester 

Post Graduate Diploma in sports journalism- 2 semesters, LNIPE Gwalior

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Final Words

From the above article, you have learned about various career options for physical education. Also, you have learned about various institutes and colleges from where you can pursue your career in physical education. 

We hope that the above-mentioned information will surely help you to choose the best career option in physical education. If you have any doubts or queries regarding a career in physical education feel free to reach us and we will get back to you as early as possible.

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