Changing Trends & Career in Physical Education | Chapter 1 Notes

Changing Trends & Career In Physical Education

Changing trends in Physical Education have increased its importance, as modern physical education stresses on the balanced development of body and mind.

Meaning & Definition

Physical education is an important part of general education. It involves physical activities which help to achieve wholesome development of individuals. 

It helps to develop total personality related to the physical, mental, social and emotional development of individual education 

Physical education helps to develop good health and leads the man towards progress and wellness. It leads to balanced development.

J. B. Nash: “It is the field of education which deals with the big muscle activities and their related responses”. 

R. Cassidy: “Physical education is the sum of changes in the individual caused by experience involving motor activity”. 

Delbert: “Physical education is the sum of those experiences which comes to the individual through movement”.

Aims & Objectives


Aim of Physical Education is optimum wholesome qualities development in a person. It emphasizes the balanced development of physical, mental, social, intellectual and emotional behaviour. 

J.F.Williams:  ” Aim of Physical Education is complete living through Wholesome development of human personality”.


To achieve the ultimate aim there are many objectives which are as follow:

Physical Development: 

Our body is a kind of machine which grows and develops with regular physical activities. Physical development develops our neuromuscular responses which leads to maximum organic development. 

Thus, regular physical activities must be performed to develop optimum growth and development.

Psychological Development:

Psychological development is related to positive thoughts, ideas, behaviour, attitude, conduct and responses, etc. Which improves the psychological balance of an individual.

This objective enables a person to overcome any challenges.

Social Development:

Physical Education programs provide good opportunity and practical experience to develop social processes. 

By participating in sports and games a player follows the rules, regulations, traditions and laws of society. 

They develop Qualities like friendship, honesty, sincerity, tolerance, adjustment, leadership, etc.

Emotional Development:

It is an important part for optimum development of a man’s personality. Emotions like love, hate, anger, aggressiveness, anxiety, etc must be expressed in a controlled manner. Physical Education provides good opportunities to practice these.

By doing Physical Education courses, people can become:

  • Physical Education teacher in school
  • Physical Education lecturer in colleges
  • Coach in sports authorities
  • Fitness trainer
  • An official in big tournaments
  • Yoga instructor
  • Sports journalist
  • Sports broadcasting
  • Dietician or physiotherapist
  • District sports officer
  • Abmininistator like director, manager
  • Professional player
  • Sports and business marketing
  • Umpire/Referee

Competitions in Various Sports

Changing trends in physical education

At National And International level


👉 National Athletics Championship: Every year Athletics competitions are organised by the Athletic Federation.

👉 Inter-State Athletic Championship: Participants from different states are participating in this competition, organised by the Athletic Federation of India.

👉 State Athletic Championship: Participants from various districts, take part in this championship every year, organised by the State Athletic association.

👉 Inter-University Athletic Championship: This national level championship is organised by various universities for the university students.

👉 World Athletics Championship: This world athletic championship organises after every two years, organised by International Association of Athletic Federation (IAAF). Next championship will be in the USA in 2022.


Senior & Junior National Basketball Championship: This championship is organised by Basketball Federation of India (BFI) for men and women every year. State Basketball Championship: Organised by State Basketball Association every year for men and women.

Other championships are:
Olympic games
European cup, Asia cup, BC Gupta Trophy, Federation cup, etc.


There are many Badminton Championship held, which is organised by Badminton World Federation (BWF) and Badminton Association of India (BFI)

World Cup, Thomas Cup, Uber Cup, European Cup, China Cup, World Junior Championship, Olympic games, All England Championship, National Badminton Championship.


There are many Cricket Championships held in the National and International level, which are organised by International Cricket Council (ICC) and Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

World cup, Asia cup, Ranji Trophy, CK Naidu Trophy, Duleep Trophy, Irani Trophy, etc.


Many international and national football championships are held regularly, which are organised by the Federation International Football Association (FIFA) and All India Football Federation (AIFF).

World cup, European Cup, Subroto Cup, Federation Cup, Santosh Trophy, I League 


International and national hockey championships are organised by International Hockey Federation (FIH) and Indian Hockey Federation (IHF).

Aga Khan Trophy, Champions Trophy, Bombay Gold Cup, World Cup.


The International Swimming Federation and Swimming Federation of India organises many swimming championships every year.

World Swimming Championship, National Swimming Championship, All India Inter-University Swimming Championship, etc.

Lawn Tennis

International and National Tennis championships are organised by the International Tennis Association and All India Tennis Association.

National Tennis Championship, Nehru cup Tennis, India Federation Cup, US Open, Australian open, Devi’s cup.


International Volleyball Federation and Volleyball Federation of India organises various tournaments.

World Volleyball Championship, Federation cup, Asia cup, Olympic Volleyball Championship, Asian Games Volleyball Championship.

Khelo India Programme

Changing Trends in Physical Education

Sports and fitness in one’s life has a big importance. By playing sports one can inculcate team spirit, develop strategic & analytical thinking, leadership skills, goal setting and risk taking. 

A fit and healthy individual leads to a healthy society and strong nation. Sports and games are a very important component for the overall development of our nation. 

Since the last few years India has made steady progress in the field of sports which needs to be showcased at a global platform. 

It is the time we must inspire young talent, give them top-notch infrastructure and training of the highest level. 

We need to inculcate a habit of participation in sports that enables players to demonstrate their true potential. 

The Khelo India programme has been introduced in the year 2017-18 by the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs. 

It revives and develops the sports culture in India at the grass-root level by building a strong framework for all major sports played in our country.

Talented players identified by the High-Powered Committee will be provided annual financial assistance of INR 5 lakh per annum for 8 years.

In Khelo India School Games, which are a part of the Khelo India programme, under-17 athletes participates across 16 disciplines, 

16 disciplines are Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Boxing, Football, Gymnastics, Hockey, Judo, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Shooting, Swimming, Volleyball, Weightlifting, and Wrestling.

Components of Khelo India

Following are the components of Khelo India:

  • Playfield Development
  • Geo-tagging of playfields and sports infrastructure.
  • Community coaching development
  • State-level Khelo India centres
  • Annual sports competition
  • Talent search and development
  • Utilisation and creation / up-gradation of sports infrastructure
  • Support to Nationals/Regional/ State sports Academies
  • Physical Fitness of school going, children
  • Sports for women.
  • Promotion of sports among a person of disability
  • Sports for peace and development
  • Promotion of rural and indigenous/ tribal games

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Physical Education

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