Top 15 Freelance Skills That Build Your Career

Top 15 Freelance Skills

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Friends, this is the time when people are getting appraisals in their jobs, but do you think only a salary hike is enough?

It is important to have some more responsibilities, opportunities to advance in your career, work-life balance, and much more. If you are not getting all this in your current job then why not learn better online courses.  

Among the top 10 richest people in the world, Warren Buffett says that if you are dependent on only one source of income, then you are only one step away from the poor. 

We should have multiple sources of income. At least two sources of income must be there. The easiest way to make a good income source in less time is to learn some in-demand digital freelance skills. 

Digital skills should be learned because the digital world is a never-ending world, no matter if it is a pandemic, you will always be getting work-from-home jobs. 

Now you have to look at which digital skills to learn. You have to learn that skill, which has both demand and money in the market along with these you must have passion in it. 

At least you must have ONE skillset and start earning online from freelancing.

Freelancing is a great idea for students who want to improve their skills in addition to monetizing them.

With so many options available, the best freelance skill is the one that lets you work the way you want to. To become a successful freelancer you need to learn more skills to get more work.

Here we will discuss 15 in-demand courses for freelance skills, which are also in demand in the market and there is money too.

You can learn whatever passion or interest you have. We will also explore different online courses and how to learn, how much to learn, and how much you can work. Without further delay let’s find out the top 15 online courses on freelance skills with certificates.

1. Video Editing:

Freelance Skills

Friends, if you do not like shooting videos so much but are attracted to animation and editing, then you should give video editing a try. 

Video editors have been in demand for a long time because video has become a very effective and cost-effective medium for marketing. 

From education to films, TV shows, blogging, product demos, presentations, content creation, and marketing, every work wants a video editor. 

If you explore any Freelancing platform you will find video editors are getting daily orders from all over the world. Clients will give you the raw video footage and voiceovers, you need to edit those voiceovers. 

You can learn Video Editing in 2 to 3 months very well. Mostly Adobe’s Premiere Pro video editing software is used in the industry. This editing software you should learn.

If you learn Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects well, then you will earn from freelancing, as well as you will also get a full-time job as a video editor easily.

If you edit a video for a YouTuber, then he can give you 2000 to 2500 rupees for a 10-minute video. On for video editing, people are charging up to Rs 4000 per 10-minute. You can learn video editing on Udemy, Skillshare, and Coursera with certificates. Sometimes these platforms offer free courses.

2. Copywriting:

Freelance Skills

Copywriting is writing attractive words to add value to your writing that persuades and evokes emotion from buyers or readers. It is one of the best freelance skills.

Copywriters hold a highly valuable position in companies, as they have the power to build the reputation and image of the company. 

The job of a copywriter is not just to create creative taglines, they also have to write catchy emails, blog posts, and product descriptions to convert potential customers into customers. 

They need to write a copy in such a way that persuades others to take the product. It is an art of persuasion that requires appropriate skill. You can learn copywriting skills for free. You can check

On Copywriters are just charging 3500 or 46 dollars for 300 words. Every day copywriters get a lot of orders there. You can also become like them and earn money by writing copy for clients’ for their product descriptions, advertisements, landing pages, and websites. 

By learning copywriting skills in skillshare you can become a better marketer, a better content creator, a better company CEO, a better designer, a better researcher, and even a better video editor. This skill is very valuable and will be useful to you for a lifetime.

3. Animation:

Friends, the next top skill is animation. If you are interested in the field of animation, then you can also become an animator. This is a very vast area where the scope is also very wide. 

Nowadays 2D animation is being used a lot because it is cheaper than 3D animation and is very artistic and attractive. You can learn  2D animation online in 1 to 3 months. 

On people are charging up to 4000 for 10 seconds of 2D animated video. If you want to learn 2D animation then we have a perfect course. You can learn animation on Udemy, Skillshare, and Coursera

4. Graphic Designing:

Graphic designing is a field that has tremendous scope for both new and trend graphic designers. 73% of companies use their marketing on social media posts or on their websites. 

The scope of freelancing in such a booming field becomes very high. If you have the right graphic designing skills then you can work in many fields. For example, marketing, web development, user experience design, and corporate communication. 

To become a freelance graphic designer, you must have the appropriate skills. You should learn the basic design program of Adobe so that you can do the best freelance job in which you can easily earn 40000 in a month. 

Friends, there are many digital designing courses on that are free of cost. You must check out.

5. Writing:

You must be thinking that this is similar to copywriting. Writing skills are quite different from copywriting. Copywriting focuses on the brand image, whereas writings are content-based. 

You must have heard a lot that if you want to make a career in the writing field, one has to become an author, but friends, this is not completely true.

You can also make your writing career as a freelance writer and can produce a good source of income. Since a lot of businesses are shifting online, the need for content writers has also gone up.

62% of businesses hire external content writers to write for their blog and website. If you are good at writing then you can brush off your skills and become a freelance content writer. 

You will not need any special specialization. Only basic knowledge of writing is necessary. Still, if you want to take a course, you can follow Udemy’s free writing exercises to improve your writing skills.

6. Editing:

Editing is closely related to writing skills. It has been observed that if any company’s content contains grammar or spelling mistakes, then 59% of customers do not buy products from that company. 

Because this gives the impression of poor quality of the products, that causes businesses to invest in editors.

To become a content editor you must have basic editing and proofreading skills and then you can easily earn money as a freelance editor. In Skillshare you can join the Editing Master Class to Improve Your Skills

7. Search Engine Optimization:

SEO is a very important component of digital marketing. With the help of SEO, freelancers make sure that their client’s website will show up first on Google search. 

Because when customers search for something online on Google they buy products from the first five sites. SEO  experts ensure that their clients’ websites should get a position in the first five sites. 

So SEO is a very important skill and its demand is very high. If you want to go into the digital marketing and social media marketing field then you must learn search engine optimization.

As an SEO specialist, you will get the solution to how search engines work and how you can use your knowledge to generate online traffic. Udemy and Coursera is a website that offers you an SEO learning center which is an excellent resource for beginners and experts.

8. Excel Management:

Microsoft Excel was released in 1985 in the market. Ever since its release, it has become a part of all the business. 

It is irreplaceable software that has no comparison. The world’s 750 million people use this software, but there are very few people out there who are certified in Excel.

For those who know how to use excel fully like formulas, programs that are complex are always in demand. So, friends, you can become a successful Freelancer of Microsoft Excel. Learn free Excel from Udemy

The demand of this field is very high which may remain in the future also. ACC is a global world-renowned accountancy firm offering an official Microsoft Excel certification course. You’ll Stand Out From Other Excel Specialists if you complete.

9. Social Media Marketing:

Friends, the next top skill is social media marketing. There are about 3.8 billion social media users in the world and each and every user is a potential customer of the company. 

It is the job of social media marketers to convert potential customers into customers through social media.

If you are a freelancer you need to design online campaigns for your client’s company just by keeping the target audience in mind. 

The secret to becoming a good social media manager is you must know how each social media platform works.

Udemy offers a lot of free social media marketing courses that you can do. For a successful freelance social media manager you need to have a good portfolio as well.

10. Independent Sales:

Because more than 90% of customer contacts are on the phone. Freelance sales experts get more preference than in-house sales representatives of companies. 

As an independent salesperson you have to increase sales for your client’s company, you can do it by sitting in your home.

If you have previous experience in the field of sales then it is easy for you to become an independent sales expert. 

You do not need any specific certificate or qualification, just you need to have an attitude. Still, if you want to learn more skills in sales you can learn sales from Udemy

11. Videography:

When we hear the name of videographers, we think of camera operators. But the job of a videographer is not just to capture a photo and shoot the video, it is much more interesting than that. 

As a freelance videographer, you will work with businesses and clients to capture their creative vision in the form of video.

To become a freelance videographer, you also need to have knowledge of basic equipment. You can also take a course on Udemy’s Basics of Cinematography.

12. Photography:

Most customers prefer visual images, as compared to text and video. That’s why companies need photographers who provide creative photos for them to use in their campaigns for many purposes. 

As a freelance photographer, you can do photoshoots for your clients like weddings, fashion projects, commercial shoots, etc. You can also sell your photos on the e-commerce website.

You can join Udemy’s photography masterclasses to learn photography, which teaches you not only how to capture images but also how to edit them.

13. Translator:

Due to globalization right now the demand for language experts in all sectors of the company has increased a lot.

However, there are many AI software that provides translations, but they are not 100% accurate, which is why having a translator is very important for companies. 

This is essential, especially for companies spread across the globe. To become a translator you must be fluent in at least 2 languages and also have an official translation certificate, before applying for any remote work. 

14. Website Designer:

Due to the pandemic, most of the businesses are shifting online and for this, they need their own website. 

As a freelance website designer, you can do website designing work for such companies and small businesses. You can become a UX and UI designer on Udemy and Coursera. In this the main thing you have to do is to design a website in such a manner, that the user wants to revisit it. 

You can also become a Visual Designer which is a combination of UX or UI. You should have basic knowledge of computers and coding to start your career in freelancing website designing

Apart from this, you can also take a detailed course at Coursera and Udemy which will increase the value of your portfolio to a great extent.

15. Audio Transcription.

According to a survey, 85% of the videos posted on Facebook are watched by people only after turning off the video sound. 

It is very important to have subtitles. As a freelancer, you can also do audio transcription services. 

There is no official qualification required to become a transcriber. You should be very good at English grammar and punctuation. If you need to improve your skills, you can sign up for Udemy’s step-by-step transcription course.

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Final Words

Before starting your career in freelancing you need to be good at the 15 freelance skills discussed above. Even by learning a couple of freelance skills thoroughly, you can earn money online by sitting at home. 

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