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Below are some of the very important NCERT Marketing MCQ Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 11 with Answers. These Marketing MCQ have been prepared by expert teachers and subject experts based on the latest syllabus and pattern of term 1 and term 2. We have given these Marketing MCQ Class 12 Business Studies Questions with Answers to help students understand the concept.

MCQ Questions for Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 11 are very important for the latest CBSE term 1 and term 2 pattern. These MCQs are very important for students who want to score high in CBSE Board.

We have put together these NCERT Questions Marketing MCQ for Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 11 with Answers for the practice on a regular basis to score high in exams. Refer to these MCQs Questions with Answers here along with a detailed explanation.

Marketing mcq

MCQ 1-22

1. In order to get feedback about its recently launched immunity-boosting ayurvedic medicine, Ayushman Ltd conducted an online survey using a questionnaire, to gather customer views and opinions. Identify the marketing function being used by Ayushman Ltd.

(a) Standardisation
(b) Product designing
(c) Customer support service
(d) Gathering and analysing market information

2. ________ refers to producing goods of predetermined specifications, which helps in achieving uniformity and consistency in the output.

(a) Standardisation
(b) Packaging
(c) Labelling
(d) Grading

3. Which of the following are considered as the pillars of marketing?

(a) Packaging
(b) Labelling
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) None of the above

4. Which of the following functions of marketing helps in building customer’s loyalty and in promoting its sale?

(a) Standardisation
(b) Branding
(c) Pricing of products
(d) Grading

5. Which of the following statements is true regarding marketing?

(a) It is a process whereby people exchange goods and services for money.
(b) It has been referred to as performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producers to consumers
(c) It includes many activities that are performed even before goods are actually produced and continue even after the goods have been sold.
(d) All of the above

6. Marketing is a process __________ by which people interact with each other in order to pursue wait them to act in a particular way, say to purchase a product or service rather than forcing them to do so.

(a) physical
(b) social
(c) technical
(d) psychological

7. Which of the following marketing functions in is concerned with informing the customers about the firm’s product?

(a) physical distribution
(b) promotion
(c) market planning
(d) packaging and labeling

8. Which function of marketing is concerned with the cost and location of target market?

(a) promotion
(b) warehousing
(c) transportation
(d) branding

9. Rakshita wants to purchase a car with the latest standards and possessing features to minimise pollution. She saw an advertisement and subsequently visited the showroom of the company where the car was displayed. In her discussion, the marketing manager told that the company is providing credit facilities, maintenance, service and many other useful services on account of which the company is experiencing repeat sales and has been able to develop brand loyalty.

Thus, ________ marketing function is being discussed between the marketing manager and Rakshita.

(a) branding
(b) customer support service
(c) promotion
(d) physical distribution

10. Match the following.

1. Marketing planning(i) providing basis for distinguishing the product of a firm with that of the competitor
2. Product designing and development(ii) specifying the action programmes to achieve different objectives
3. Branding(iii) making the product attractive to the target customer

(a) (ii), (iii), (i)
(b) (iii), (ii), (i)
(c) (ii), (i), (iii)
(d) (iii), (i), (ii)

11. Rahul is manufacturing lunch boxes for school going children. To maximize the profit, he decided to improve the quality and added a hot case to the boxes. As a result of this improvement in the product IT sales increased gradually which of the following marketing philosophy was involved?

(a) product
(b) prize
(c) standard
(d) none of the above

12. Creams and medicines are the examples of __________ products?

(a) convenience
(b) shopping
(c) speciality
(d) none of the above

13. The part of the brand which can be recognised but which is not a terrible is called ___________.

(a) Brand Mark
(b) Trade Mark
(c) Brand Name
(d) all of these

14. “A popular brand of hair conditioners come in different categories with different hair, safe for normal hair and for other categories.” Identify the function of labeling in the above examples.

(a) providing information required by law
(b) describe the product and specify its contents
(c) grading of product
(d) promotion of product

15. A car manufacturer offers to sell a particular brand of car at a discount of Rs 10,000 for a limited period. Identify the sales promotion activity in the above example.

(a) refund
(b) product combination
(c) rebate
(d) discount

16. Sushil decided to start the business of selling dress materials. He did some research to find out about the preferences of prospective customers. Based on this, he prepared detailed business plan. He then made important discussion about the features, quality, packaging, labeling and branding of the dress material. Which of the following elements of marketing mix is being discussed?

(a) promotion
(b) market
(c) product
(d) place

17. Tasty Foods Ltd. is a food delivery service app that has recently faced criticism for tempering of the product by the delivery boys. The company decided to put a hologram seal on the food pack gets in order to protect the content from being pampered with along with the safety warning for the consumers to check the seal on delivery, _______ concept of marketing has been discussed in the case which is not only performing an important of communicating with the potential buyer but also promoting its sale.

(a) Labelling
(b) Product designing and development
(c) Branding
(d) Packaging

18. Which of the following statements is correct in correct with respect to the various aspects of marketing mix?

(a) The advantage of registering Trademark is to get exclusive legal rights for its use and no other form can use this mark to sell similar good.
(b) promotion mix refers to the decision related to sales promotion tools used by an organisation to achieve its objectives.
(c) product mix includes activities that are involved in transferring the ownership to customers and to make product available at the right place at the right.
(d) time none of the above

19. “Buy appliances worth Rs 20000 and get a discount voucher of Rs 5000.” Which of the following sales promotion activity is being depicted here?

(a) discount
(b) usable benefits
(c) rebate
(d) quantity gift

20. “Buy to get one free” was printed on the label of the package of soap. Which labeling function is being performed by this statement?

(a) describe the product
(b) identification of the brand
(c) grading of product
(d) sales promotion

21. ‘XYZ television Ltd.’ is offering its 50″ TV set a discount of Rs 15000 for a period of three months begins from 15 August, 2021. Which of the following sales promotion activity is being used by ‘XYZ Television Ltd’?

(a) discount
(b) refund
(c) rebate
(d) quantity gift

22. Match the following.

1. Ideas(i) Film festival
2. Experience(ii) Family planning
3. Events(iii) Mountaineering

(a) (ii), (iii), (i)
(b) (iii), (ii), (i)
(c) (ii), (i), (iii)
(d) (iii), (i), (ii)

MCQ Answers

1. (d)

One of the important functions of a marketer is to gather and analyse market information. This is necessary to identify the needs of the customer and take various decision for the successful marketing of the products and services. It is important for making an analysis of the available opportunities and threats as well as strengths and weaknesses of the organisation.

2. (a)

Standardization refers to the development of standards for production of goods with respect to shape, design, colour and other characteristics. If products are standardized customers are able to identify a product and its characteristics very well.

3. (c)

Packaging and labeling have become so important in modern day marketing that they these are considered as a pillar of marketing. Packaging is important not only for protection of the product but also serves as a promotional tool.

4. (b)

Branding means giving an attractive name, symbol or identity mark to the product to make a product different from other so that it is known by that name or symbol or mark.

5. (d)

Marketing refers to the process of inserting consumer’s need and supplying various goods and services to the final consumer and use it to satisfy those needs. Basically, marketing is the performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer or users.

6. (b)

7. (b)

Promotional activities include advertising personal selling sales promotion and publicity. All promotional activities involve communication with the existing and prospective customer whereby they are made aware of the product, its distinctive features, price, availability, etc. The objective of promotional activities to motivate the customers to buy the product.

8. (c)

A Marketing firm has to analyse the transportation needs after taking into consideration various factors such as nature of the product, cost and location of target market and take decisions to respect in respect of mode of transportation to be chosen and other related aspects.

9. (b)

A very important function of marketing management relates to developing customer support services such as after sales services, handling customer complaints and adjustment, procuring credit services maintenance services, technical service and consumer information. All these services aim at providing maximum satisfaction to the customer, which is the key to marketing success in modern days.

10. (a)

(ii), (iii), (i)

11. (a)

Product improvement became the key to profit maximization of a firm, under the concept of product orientation. With the increase in the supply of the products, customer started looking for products which was superior in quality, performance and features. Therefore, the emphasis of the form shifted from quality of production to quality of the products.

12. (a)

Those consumer products, which are purchased frequently, immediately and with least time and efforts are referred to as convenience good.

13. (a)

That part of brand which can be recognised but with is not utterable is called brand mark. It appears in form of a symbol, design, display colour scheme on lettering.

14. (c)

Grading is process of classification of products into different groups on the basis of some of its important characteristics such as quality, size etc.

15. (c)

Offering products at special prices to clear off excess inventory is called rebate.

16. (c)

In marketing, product is a mixture of tangible and intangible attributes, which are capable of being exchanged for a value, with the ability to satisfy consumer needs.

17. (a)

Labels are useful in providing detailed information about the product, its content method of use etc.

18. (c)

19. (b)

20. (d)

An important function of label is to aid and promotion of the products. A carefully design label can attract attention and give reason to purchase. Labels play an important role in sales promotion schemes launched by the company.

21. (c)

22. (a)

(ii), (iii), (i)

Assertion-Reason Based MCQ


  1. Both assertion and reason are true and reason is the correct explanation of assertion.
  2. Both assertion and reason are true but reason is not the correct explanation of assertion.  
  3. Assertion is true but reason is false.
  4. Assertion is false but reason is true. 

1. Assertion Personal selling plays a very important role in the introduction stage of a new product.

Reason Personal selling helps in pursuing customers about the merits of the product.

2. Assertion The design of the product contributes to making the product attractive to the target customers.

Reason Customer support services are very effective in bringing repeat sales from the customers and developing brand loyalty for a product.

3. Assertion That part of a brand which can be spoken is called a brand name.

Reason That reason that part of brain which can be recognised but which is not utterable is called trademark.

4. Assertion Advertising is an impersonal form of communication.

Reason Advertising is less flexible as the message is standardised and is not tailer made to the requirements of the different customer groups.

5. Assertion In personal selling a direct face-to-face dialogue takes place that involves an interactive relationship between the seller and the buyer.

Reason Personal selling allows a salesperson to develop personal relationship with the prospective customers, which may become important in making sale.

Assertion-Reason Based MCQ Answers

1. (1)

Personal selling is a very important role in the introduction stage of a new product.

2. (2)

A good design can improve performance of a product and also give it a competitive advantage in the market.

3. (3)

That part of a brand which can be recognised but which is not utterable is called brand mark. It appears in the form of a symbol, design, distinct colour scheme or lettering. A brand or part of a brand that is given legal protection is called trademark.

4. (2)

Advertising is an impersonal form of communication. It is less forceful than personal selling as there is no compulsion on the prospects to pay attention to the message.

5. (2)

Personal selling involves oral presentation of message in the form of conversation with one or more prospective customers for the purpose of making sales. It is a personal form of communication.

Case-Study Based MCQ

1. Read the following passage and answer accordingly.

‘Hayaram’ is a famous chain selling a large variety of products in the Indian market. Their products include chips, biscuits, sweets and squashes. It charges a comparatively higher price than its competitors as it sells quality products.

Besides, it offers regular discount to its customers and easy credit terms to its retailer. It has five of its own retail shops. It also sells its products through various grocery stores so that the product are made available to customers at the right place, in the right quantity and at the right time.

It regularly uses different communication tools to increase its sale. But it is also concerned about the impact as delivered the message compulsively. So there is one scheme the company has decided to launch where chips will be produced provided with an additional cold drink for a particular time period. It not only satisfy its customer but also provide employment to handicapped people.

(i) The above para describe the combination of variables used by ‘Hayaram’ to prepare its market offering. The combination of variables used by ‘Hayaram’ to prepare its market offering is termed as

(a) promotion mix
(b) sales mix
(c) price mix
(d) marketing mix

(ii) “It also sells its products through various grocery stores so that the products are made available to customers are at the right place, in the right quantity and at the right time”. Identify the elements of marketing mix stated above.

(a) product
(b) price
(c) place
(d) promotion

(iii) Identify the sales promotion techniques decided to be used by ‘Hayaram’

(a) product combination
(b) rebate
(c) quantity plus
(d) usable benefits

(iv) “It as a comparatively higher price than its competitors as it sells quality product.” Identify the element of marketing mix stated above.

(a) product
(b) price
(c) place
(d) promotion

Case-Study Based MCQ Answers

1. (i)(d) (ii)(c) (iii)(a) (iv)(b)

Final Words

From the above article, you have practiced Marketing MCQ of Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 11. We hope that the above-mentioned MCQs for term 1 of chapter 11 Marketing MCQ would will surely help you in your exam. 

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