CBSE | Class 11 | Physical Education Syllabus | 2024

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Class 11 Physical Education Syllabus

  • Concept, Aims & Objectives of Physical Education
  • Development of Physical Education in India- Post Independence
  • Changing Trends in Sports- playing surface, wearable gear and sports equipment, technological advancements
  • Career Options in Physical Education
  • Khelo-India and Fit-India Program

Chapter 2: Olympism Value Education

  • Olympism – Concept and Olympic Values ( Excellence, Friendship, and Respect)
  • Olympic Value Education- Joy of effort, Fair Play, Respect of others, Pursuit of excellence, Balance among body, Will & mind
  • Ancient and Modern Olympics
  • Olympics – Symbols, Motto, Flag, Oath, and Anthem
  • Olympic Movement Structure – IOC, NOC, IFS, Other members

Chapter 3: Yoga

  • Meaning & Importance of Yoga
  • Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga
  • Introduction to Yogic Kriyas (Shat Karma)
  • Pranayamas and Its Types
  • Active Lifestyle and stress management through Yoga

Chapter 4: Physical Education & Sports for CWSN

  • Concept of Disability and Disorder
  • Types of Disability, its causes & nature (Intellectual disability, Physical disability)
  • Disability Etiquettes
  • Aim & Objective of Adaptive Physical Education
  • Role of various professionals for children with special needs-( Counselor, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Physical Education Teacher, Speech Therapist & Special Educator)

Chapter 5: Physical Fitness, Health and Wellness

  • Meaning and Importance of Wellness, Health, and Physical Fitness
  • Components/Dimensions of Wellness, Health, and Physical Fitness
  • Traditional Sports & Regional Games for promoting wellness
  • Leadership through Physical activities and sports
  • Introduction of first aid- PRICE

Chapter 6: Test, Measurement & Evaluation

  • Define Test, Measurement & Evaluation in Physical Education & Sports.
  • Importance of tests, measurements, and Sports.
  • Calculation of BMI, Waist hip ratio, Skin fold measurements
  • Somatotypes (Endomorphy, Mesomorphy & Ectomorphy)
  • Measurement of Health-Related Fitness

Chapter 7: Fundamentals of Anatomy, Physiology in Sports

  • Definition and Importance of Anatomy and Physiology in exercise and sports
  • Functions of Skeletal system, classification of bone, and types of joints.
  • Properties and functions of muscles
  • Function and Structure of Circulatory system and heart.
  • Function and Structure of Respiratory System.

Chapter 8: Fundamentals of Kinesiology and Biomechanics in Sports

  • Definition and Importance of Kinesiology and Biomechanics in Sports
  • Principles of Biomechanics
  • Types of Body Movements – Flexion, Extension, Abduction, Adduction, Rotation, Circumduction, Supination & Pronation
  • Axis and Planes – Concept and its application in body movements

Chapter 9: Psychology & Sports

  • Definition & Importance of Psychology in Physical Education & Sports
  • Developmental Characteristics at different stages of development
  • Adolescent Problems & Their Management
  • Team Cohesion and Sports
  • Introduction of Psychological attributes: Attention, Resilience, Mental Toughness

Chapter 10: Training and Doping in Sports

  • Concept and Principles of Sports Training
  • Training Load: Over Load, Adaptation, and Recovery
  • Warming Up and Limbering Down- Types Method and Importance
  • Concept of skill, Technique, Tactics, and strategies


  • Physical Fitness Test – 6 Marks
  • Proficiency in Games and Sports (Skill of any one Game of choice from the given list*)- 7 Marks
  • Yogic Practices – 7 Marks
  • Record File ** – 5 Marks
  • Viva Voce (Health/ Games & Sports/ Yoga)
  • *Athletics, Archery, Badminton, Boxing, Chess, Judo, Shooting, Skating, Swimming, Taekwondo,
    Tennis, Aerobics, Gymastics, Rope-Skipping, Yoga, Bocce & Unified Basketball [CWSN (Children With
    Special Needs – Divyang)]
  • **Record File shall include:
    Practical-1: Labelled diagram of 400 M Track & Field with computations.
    Practical-2: Computation of BMI from family or neighbourhood & graphical representation of the data.
    Practical-3: Labelled diagram of field & equipment of any one game of your choice out of the above list.
    Practical-4: List of current National Awardees (Dronacharya Award, Arjuna Award & Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award)
    Practical-5: Pictorial presentation of any five Asanas for improving concentration

Read Chapters:

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Chapter 3: Physical Fitness, Wellness and Lifestyle

Chapter 4: Physical Education For CWSN

Chapter 5: Yoga

Chapter 6: Physical Activity & Leadership Training

Chapter 7: Test, Measurement and Evaluation

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